Premier Window Films supply and install a wide range of high performance window film specifically designed to solve glass related issues in your home.

Heat and Glare
With the installation of Solar Control window film we can provide a cost effective solution that will reduce the heat and glare in your home. Solar Control window films are suitable for use on residential glazing and will have immediate effect once installed. Conservatories can be un-useable in the summer months, we supply and install specialist films for both glass and polycarbonate roofs to help create a more comfortable environment. Our products come in a wide range of grades, shades and colours.

Privacy can be an issue for many reasons. We can supply and install frosted film, coloured vinyl and reflective films to achieve the privacy you require. Frost will prevent vision from both ways but still allow light to pass through the glass. Coloured vinyl will prevent vision and light from both ways, ideal for hiding unsightly views. Reflective films will give you privacy during daylight hours. The reflection appears on the brighter side of the glazing, which will be outside during the day. With a reflective film the view from the inside is maintained.

Our safety and security window films can protect your glazing and give you peace of mind.

With the application of Safety film existing glass can withstand impact thus slowing down intruders. Safety films offer protection from flying shards caused by bomb-blasts and will also provide protection from accidental damage.

UV Light, Visible Light and Heat from the suns rays are the cause of fading. We can advise on the best solution for this issue, from clear window films to tackle the UV light to solar films that tackle all three problems.

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